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Your Ticket to Ride!

Jerry McClung  | Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2014
                                                                              Your Ticket to RIDE!
After reading an article on the East/West Connector, George decided it would be fun to take his old bike out for a spin on the smooth asphalt path. Finally unearthing the trusted steed from a pile of things in the garage, George found a pitiful sight. The chain was rusted, both tires were flat and a mouse had made a nest in the rear wheel. Dejected, George went back in the house and got back on the sofa.

You can experience the freedom of cruising on the Connector even if you don’t own a bicycle. There is no reason to go spend hundreds of dollars on bikes and equipment for the family just to try cycling. There is a better way.

 For as little as $15 you can give cycling a try. Grady’s Great Outdoors is located right at the end of the Connector. Park in the back, walk in the bike department. roll out on a quality rental bike. They offer hybrid/comfort bikes as well as entry level mountain bikes. All you have to provide is the engine. Plus, you aren’t limited to the Connector. As you become more comfortable riding, you can take the rental bikes off site to explore other trails and roads in the area.
That’s the ticket! Now get out there and ride!