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First Flight Alliance - Building Stronger Healthier communities one person at a time.

Vance Rowland  | Published on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Flight

First Flight Alliance “inspires first steps towards building stronger, healthier communities”. According to Alison Youngblood, First Flight Vice President, we do this in 3 ways.

1- Camp #Runthistown:   First Flight provides training camps for the beginner runner looking to complete their first 5k all the way to the more seasoned athlete who wants to join the 1% and complete their first 26.2 mile marathon.  Each camp comes complete with the First Flight Coach, a web based/mobile training plan, Camp #Runthistown t-shirt, a discount to identified race when available, and a celebration event where each runner earns their wings.

Camp #Runthistown originated in Anderson, SC in June of 2010 and launched a camp in Raleigh, NC in 2013.  Satellite camps continue to grow our mission throughout the upstate of SC.  For more information, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website

2- Race it Forward Series:

Resolution Run, Color Me Lucky, Runner Runner, Pants on Fire, and Hit the Patch Jack.  All money raised through camps and community events fund our O.A.K program. 

3- Operation Active Kids, O.A.K:

“The oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance; its roots dig deep, providing it with a strong foundation to grow and withstand the test of time.  “O.A.K’s mission is to provide funding to children in our community who want to play sports and other recreational activities; we know there are many families who just can’t afford to cover the entire cost of enrolling their kids in these activities. O.A.K will provide partial to full scholarships to help eligible families cover the cost associated with youth sports.  We believe that by simply planting a seed, we can grow a community of O.A.K strong children who have a strong foundation for life.