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SVR (Saturday Velo Ride) Roads are now marked for easy navigation

Vance Rowland  | Published on Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Saturday Velo Ride - Newspring Church Anderson SC

These Roads Are Marked

Remember the old TV commercial about playing cards being marked… by chocolate?  The message was that M&Ms melt in your mouth and not your hand!  Well, our roads are MARKED!!! By white chocolate paint!!! Now you can watch Miles & Miles melt under your wheels. Okay, not really white chocolate, but the marked roads are just as sweet as chocolate!!!

The Saturday Velo Ride that starts from New Spring church on Saturday mornings at 8am during spring and summer months and 9am during fall and winter months has been marked so everyone can follow the route.  The photo shows the letters and arrow pointing the way for miles and miles of riding on great county roads.  The route was established years ago and includes scenic roads, downtown historic Pendleton, great views of the mountains and is been ridden most every Saturday throughout the year.  Perhaps the question you ask is… why would we want to ride the same route over and over? It’s because the roads are great with light vehicular traffic on Saturday mornings.  And with the huge number of riders in the area, the kind local folks are accustomed to seeing cyclist on the road.

With the marking of the SVR course… there’s absolutely no reason to stay at home on Saturday when everyone could be out cycling.